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  • Care for the tree as carefully as you care for cut flowers.
  • Let the tree remain outdoors or on a cool porch until you are ready to decorate. An area that provides protection from the wind and sun will help the tree retain its moisture.
  • Make a fresh, straight cut across the trunk about 1" up from the original cut and place the trunk end immediately into fresh water.  This opens the tree stem so it can take up water.  If you allow the water level to drop below the trunk, a seal will form just as it does on a cut flower, and a new cut will be necessary.  As long as the tree keeps drawing water it will remain fresh.
  • Trees are thirsty! They may drink between 2 pints and a gallon of water per day - so make sure to check daily and supply fresh water as needed. Remember, a fresh supply of water is essential to keep the tree fresh.


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