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  • Are you open Sundays?
    We are closed on Sundays.

  • Do you accept payment by credit card?
    We accept cash or check only.

  • Do you have a drill machine for pin-type tree stands?
    Yes. Prices for drilling:
         With purchase of a stand:  FREE
          With purchase of a tree:  $3
          Tree from another retailer:  $5

  • Can I cut my own tree?
    Our insurance provider discourages customers from cutting their own tree.  You may pick your tree and Buck will cut it.

  • Will you help secure trees on top of vehicles?
    Our insurance provider does not permit us to offer this service.  We do provide service transporting your tree from the field to your vehicle.

  • Do you have any suggestions for transporting a tree in a van?
    Bring an old sheet or blanket to wrap up the branches.  This will reduce the number of needles dropped in the vehicle.  The free baling service helps keep the branches from getting caught in the doorway of the van, but a sheet or blanket helps even more and slides better. Bring a grocery-size plastic bag to put on the cut trunk so sap won't get on anything.

  • Can someone take our picture with our tree?
    Yes. Please remember to bring your camera!

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